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A Butlins Caravan holiday has plenty for the teenagers.

A Butlins Caravan holiday provide's all day entertainment for teenagers, and when the night comes they can dance the night away in the safety of Butlins onsite entertainment nightspots.
There’s plenty of activities to keep them occupied on the funfair, in the Butlins water complex with 100m flumes, white water rapids and a wave machine. On the amusement arcades, at the laser arena or catchin' a film at the ABC cinema. There's Go-Kart's, and all kinds of sports facilities. They'll be gone all day enjoying themselves!

On a Butlins Caravan Holidays they're bound to meet new friends some just for the holiday, some they'll keep for life!
You’ll never see them! They'll love it! Its what a Butlins caravan holidays all about.

Quaserlaser Area

State of the art laser packs and phasors, with a pre-game briefing first, bringing your butlins caravan holidays to life. Feel the adrenaline as you hide, dodge and weave from the rest of the family. Just don't all pick on dad.. you know it's not fair! Marshall's are present to make sure you stick to the rules on this multi-level arena. £3.50 per session.

NB: Not picking on dad is not one of the rules inforced by the marshall's. So go get him!!!...he deserve's it!

Spa and Beauty Saloon

- new to butlins caravan holidays
Heavenly indulgence for all the ladies of the family. A real hit with teenager girls and mums alike, the ultimate in health and relaxation, a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind with a bit of female bonding. Take a well-earned break and spoil yourselves in Butlins all new health centre and spa. Whether it’s a full body massage with special aromatic sensual oils, a pampering with full range of facial products and a full pedicure or a hot relaxing steam in the sauna followed by a quick refreshing dip in the cold water of the shower, one things for sure you’ll leave fully content, relaxed and re-invigorated. A perfect place to meet new friends and chat away with the added bonus of getting away from the men for a couple of hours, what more could we ask for girls - heaven, pure heaven.

Open 10.00am – 7.00pm

ABC Cinema

Daily screenings with the latest blockbusters, a small fee applies

Purpose Built Go-Kart's

£ Applies

Centre Stage

A huge dance floor, room for pushchair's, refreshments with spectacular shows to watch, quiz nights and pantomimes.

Special reds venue

Just outside the pavilion, with cover bands, excellent views of the stage, good comedians and a huge dance floor.

So bring your teenagers, they'll never get bored!



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Caravan D64/NB 4Bed Caravan

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4Bed Caravan


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