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Caravan holidays are our specialty and sometimes we have last minute deals and Bargain Breaks.

These specials are on a strictly 1st come 1st served basis!

... so don't forget Billy Butlins advice "Book early"...or better still "Book earlier" Join the Earlybird Club! (sign up form on the left under the menu)

Last Minute Deals: Occasionally customers cancel last minute and free up a caravan, if this happen within weeks or days of the arrival date we'll put them here. So you can get some cracking discount on your Butlins caravan holiday.

Bargain Breaks: These are special bargain mid-week breaks from 3 to 5 days that pop up occasionally but they're only advertised for a maximum of 14 days, in reality they are snapped up by our early bird club members within hours. Why not join now so you don't miss out - its completely free!. We'll then email you all week-end special breaks and our last minute bargains 24hrs before they're advertised on the site.

If you haven't joined the Earlybird club don't forget to keep checking back on this specials page for our last minute deals at Butlins Skegness.


2018 Caravan Menu
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Bronze Caravans

Caravan SH312/SB

Silver Caravans

Caravan SH173/NB
Caravan BS08/NB
Caravan SH280/SB

Gold Caravans

Caravan P22/SL
Caravan SH182/NB
Caravan D01/NB
Caravan P15/NB
Caravan P19/NB
Caravan BS03/NB
Caravan SH219/SL

Gold Plus Caravans

Caravan D35/SL
Caravan P1/SL

Platinum Caravans

Caravan Pop17/SL
Caravan SH344/SL


Platinum + Caravans

Caravan D6/SL
Caravan BS02/SB

4 Bed Caravans

Caravan D64/NB 4Bed Caravan

Caravan D71/NB 4Bed Caravan

Caravan P40/NB 4Bed Caravan

Caravan P2/SL 4Bed Caravan

Caravan RT96/SL 4Bed Caravan

Caravan POP25/SL


4Bed Caravan

Caravan D38/SL


4Bed Caravan


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