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Butlins Holiday fun for kids off all ages - they love it!

Butlins Holiday for toddlers

Butlins Holiday wants the best holiday for mum n dads as well as the kids, so Butlins will help you look after the tots, they can visit bob the builder and his friends, or Butlins very own Billy Bear. If you need a couple hours away, to relax in the spa say, just drop them off at the nursery where they be looked after by professional child minders.

The nursery at butlins

The nursery at Butlins holiday offers 2 supervised rooms for leaving children, tweenies aged 6weeks – 2yrs and playroom aged 2yrs – 5yrs.
These are run on a 2hours long session basis
10am – 12pm and again at 2pm – 4pm.
(There is a small charge for this service of £3.50)

NB: To see if the kids are comfortable being without mum and mum’s happy with the facilities Butlins Holiday offer, a FREE 30min starter session is available.

Tot Town on a butlins holiday

Butlins Tot town offers a separate soft play area and Little Tykes Equipment.
It opens daily from 9.00am – until 6.00pm

Especially for the 0 – 4yr old tot town’s activities include:
Mon 9.15am – Spuds Fun Hunt
Wednesday 9.15am – Wendy’s Cool Cooking’
Friday 9.15am – Bob’s Junk Modeling

Parental supervision is required in this room at all times.

Butlins Holiday also offer a room for feeding, making up and sterilising bottles.

Don’t forget your children’s funky identity bracelets, available to all ages!

The Butlins staff members return all children who have lost their families to the nursery complex, located at the back of Quasar Laser Arena. Please contact any security or team member if you cannot find your children.

Billy’s Den:

Billy’s very own indoor soft play area for the under 5’s. It’s situated in the funfair.
Open daily 10.00am – 12.30pm and again at 1.30pm – 5.45pm

Billy’s Bigger Den:

This is for the older kids and is Billy’s very own soft play area. Butlins holiday height restrictions apply, and is also situated in the funfair.
Open daily 10.00am – 12.30pm and 1.30 – 5.45pm

Bob The Builder’s Yard

Includes a selection of gentle rides for the little ones.
Open 10.00am – 12.30pm and again at 1.30pm – 5.45pm
See Bob and his friends every day except Saturdays, opposite the Splash complex.

9.30am Meet one of Bob’s team in his yard.
2.30pm Bob and his team mini adventure.
3.00pm Bob and the gang photo shoot.

3.45pm A 2nd chance to catch Bob and the teams mini adventure.

So bring your toddlers, they'll love it!




2020 Caravan Menu
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Bronze Caravans

Caravan SH312/SB

Silver Caravans

Caravan SH182/NB
Caravan BS08/NB
Caravan SH280/SB
Caravan SH219/SB

Gold Caravans

Caravan PS55/SL
Caravan D01/NB
Caravan D35/NB
Caravan P19/NB
Caravan BS03/NB

Gold Plus Caravans

Caravan PS73/SL

Platinum Caravans

Caravan Pop17/SL
Caravan BS02/SL

Platinum + Caravans

Caravan D6/SL

4 Bed Caravans

Caravan D64/NB 4Bed Caravan

Caravan D71/NB 4Bed Caravan

Caravan P42/NB 4Bed Caravan

Caravan PS72/SL 4Bed Caravan

Caravan RT96/SL 4Bed Caravan

Caravan D38/SL


4Bed Caravan


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